“At LCM Group we believe deeply in the foundational principles of good stewardship; preserving, responsibly managing, and building upon the human and financial capital entrusted to our care.”

Who We Are | LCM Group is a privately owned diversified investment company with strong focus and significant expertise in alternative asset investing. Founded in 1988, LCM Group has over 25 years of successful operating and investment history.

The principal objectives for all LCM directed investment activity is the achievement of superior risk adjusted returns. Understanding, quantifying, and managing risk is always the firm’s top priority when evaluating any investment.

What We Do | LCM Group’s investment activities include private equity, venture capital, private debt, private real estate, hedge funds and liquid alternatives, and proprietary trading of global financial markets. Markets traded include U.S. and global equities, global fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, energy and metals markets.

LCM Global Partners | LCM Global Partners LLC, an affiliate of LCM Group, is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, offering investment management services and products for institutional and sophisticated high net worth investors. All non-family office investment products and services are offered solely through this registered investment advisor entity.

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LCM Global’s experienced investment team utilizes extensive quantitative and qualitative analysis and due diligence to manage its fund products and construct managed account investment portfolios, supported by an efficient and effective operating team.

LCM Global currently offers three liquid alternative investment programs under an investment discipline and philosophy we call Alphaeus. The Alphaeus managed account programs are liquid, transparent, and have an emphasis on downside risk management while seeking to participate in market upside. Underlying investments in Alphaeus are typically expressed through Exchange Traded Products across multiple asset classes.

LCM Global Partners also offers two funds of hedge funds: 2514 Multi-Strategy Fund, a highly diversified, multi-strategy portfolio; and 2514 Select, a more concentrated portfolio focused on the highest conviction strategies from the 2514 Multi-Strategy Fund.

LCM Global maintains strong relationships with Registered Investment Advisors, investment consultants, Raymond James & Associates network of financial advisors, institutional investors and high net worth private clients.

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