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“At LCM Group we believe deeply in the foundational principles of good stewardship; preserving, responsibly managing, and building upon the human and financial capital entrusted to our care.”

Who We Are | LCM Group is a privately owned diversified investment management company with strong focus and significant expertise in alternative asset investing. Founded in 1988, LCM Group has over 30 years of successful operating and investment history.

The principal objectives for all LCM directed investment activity is the achievement of superior risk adjusted returns. Understanding, quantifying, and managing risk is always the firm’s top priority when evaluating any investment.

What We Do | LCM Group seeks to invest its capital into compelling opportunities in private and public markets.  LCM is focused on growing its diverse investment portfolio with an intention to earn very attractive returns over investment cycles without accepting undue concentration exposure in any single company, sector, or asset class, while also providing sufficient flexibility to adapt to various market conditions.

LCM invests with a long-term time horizon and a willingness to accept reasonable illiquidity in exchange for higher expected returns. LCM also pursues shorter time horizon trading as opportunities emerge.

Investment Strategy | LCM Group’s investment activities include private equity, late-stage venture capital, search funds, private debt, private real estate, hedge funds, and proprietary trading of public equities and global financial markets.

Private equity investments are allocated through direct investments, as well as through co-investments with financial sponsors on a deal-by-deal basis.  Public equities are managed internally and through the use of external managers.  Private debt, real estate, and private equity secondaries including fund restructuring investing is managed primarily through affiliates of LCM along with a select group of highly specialized external managers.

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Private EquityLCM deploys capital into private equity investments through a broad network of business and investor relationships, including private equity sponsors and search funds.  LCM  prefers direct investments and co-investments over traditional PE, commingled fund structures.

LCM will entertain investments in a variety of market opportunities and sectors. While open to considering investments at various stages, LCM has a strong preference for growing lower middle market companies that have an established operating history, market presence, and that are led by motivated entrepreneurs willing to make a financial commitment to the future success of their business. LCM investments will usually take the form of preferred equity to assist the company with recapitalizations, buy-outs, acquisitions, and expansion.  LCM’s capital often serves to facilitate management buyouts, shareholder liquidity, succession planning, growth objectives, and corporate divestures. LCM favors service-sector oriented  businesses that are not capital intensive, and have strong balance sheets, low debt levels, and rapid growth potential. LCM is open to either control or minority stake investment positions.

Private Equity Special Situations / Restructurings LCM partners with an affiliate, Cedar Springs Capital, as well as with external fund sponsors, to opportunistically invest in special situations in private fund vehicles to deploy capital in shorter duration private investments, where existing fund investors are seeking liquidity and are willing to sell their interests at a meaningful discount to Net Asset Value prices, providing LCM with downside protection and the opportunity for attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Specialized Property Acquisitions, repositioning, re-development and value-add Cap Rate Arbitrage LCM invests in unique real estate opportunities where the sponsor has expertise in a certain sector of the real estate market, such as in-fill redevelopment, repositioning multi-family communities, and unique special situations.

Investments in private real estate cap rate arbitrage are made through an LCM affiliate, Steadfast Capital, and consist largely of shorter time horizon acquisitions of commercial or retail properties with a lease expiration approaching. The holding period on this strategy typically runs from twelve to twenty four months, and attractive returns are generated from the spread between the cap rates at the time of purchase, and the time of exit.  LCM also invests in some value-add development opportunities, recently in the self-storage space, through Steadfast Capital.

Public Equities – LCM invests in public equity markets to express views on out-of-favor sectors and sectors undergoing changes due to macroeconomic variables, regulatory changes, and secular trends. LCM allocates capital through its internal Portfolio Team as well as through external investment managers in situations where LCM lacks the capacity or ability to perform highly specific security analysis on the given sector. LCM focuses primarily on public equity opportunities where the company is headquartered in the U.S.