“Excellence in financial stewardship is the firm’s focus and passion”

LCM Group was founded by D. Scott Luttrell in 1988 as a way to diversify his investment capital, and focus on emerging alternative asset opportunities.

Mr. Luttrell began his investment career as an independent trader and Member at the Chicago Board of Trade, trading financial market futures. In April 1988, after 10 years of trading, Mr. Luttrell launched his first hedge fund, the Everest Fund, a global macro fund focused on global interest rate and foreign exchange markets.

In 1991, after several years of very successful investment performance, Mr. Luttrell merged LCM’s hedge fund trading activities with Caxton Corporation. At Caxton, Mr. Luttrell served as Principal, Senior Trading Manager and a senior member of the firm’s portfolio risk management group. During the period of time Mr. Luttrell served at Caxton, the firm grew to become one of the largest hedge fund management companies in the world.

In 2000, Mr. Luttrell retired from Caxton to turn his focus and energy towards establishing his family office, managing his own capital, and pursuing his family’s philanthropic interests.

In 2004, Mr. Luttrell, established LCM Global Partners LLC, offering investment consulting and alternative asset investment products to institutional and sophisticated high net worth investors. Mr. Luttrell served as Senior Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer.

In 2014, LCM expanded its operations, relocating its headquarters to Dallas, Texas while also maintaining its office in Tampa, Florida.

In late 2016, LCM made the decision to wind down its fund and separately-managed account investment  platforms which were being managed by its SEC register affiliate, LCM Global Partners LLC, and returned all investment capital to its external clients. LCM Group has since turned its sole investment focus back to managing the assets of the family office.